Fragile Dreams

Days 2 & 3

Two days to catch up on.  One really creative and one, well, same old thing.  The hardest thing is to keep the determination to succeed.  This is influenced by so many factors – some obvious and easily circumnavigated and others that simply hit you on your blindside.

Parents….now that should be an obvious one.  Especially the ones that shoot you when your down whether intentionally or unintentionally.  How can it be done without intent? It beats me.  Anyway, mine have the ability to hoover up my time, make me feel 2 inches tall and convince me without evening uttering a word to not bother with some plan, some extension of any talent I have in order to reach what I see as success in my eyes.  What is their problem?

I’ve been looking for a little ‘wax’ to deal with this one.  It seems on analysis that the answer lies in……… growing up – I’m an adult…..act like one when with them, be their equal on all fronts.  Easier said than done however, if I don’t then I’m never going to climb out of this crevice and strut my stuff.  The memory finds it much easier to repeat learnt behaviours as we all know.

The wax in this situation is usually reading. I’m looking for the right book.  There are lots I can think of but I’m drawn to returning to ’64 Shots.  Leadership in a Crazy World.’ by Kevin Roberts.  It’s not an obvious choice but there is the chapter on ‘Dream, Spirit, Beliefs and Focus’ and this seems like a good place to start.  The issue is that my belief in myself is easily rocked and my spirit and beliefs have a habit of taking a tumble leaving me with a lack of focus.

I’ll report back.pexels-photo-279467.jpeg

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