mountains-nature-sky-sunny.jpgDay 4 & 5

‘Purpose creates belief, belonging, and direction.’  Kevin Roberts writes in his book ’64 Shots’.  He also writes that ‘extraordinary things happen when people have the guts to live their dream.’

I’m looking at that word purpose.

What is my purpose?  Do I know what it is but am too embarressed to say in case I should be ridiculed or better still ridicule myself! If my purpose was merely to have financial freedom for the rest of my life would that be enough?  Suspect not.  Having looked it up in the dictionary, the word ‘purpose’ is described as 1. an object to be attained; thing intended. 2. intention to act; resolution; determination. and 3. (my favourite) reason for existing.

Sometimes I’m afraid of my purpose because I think it may be too brave, too much, too ambitious or, and here’s the screecher……not for me to have.  I didn’t start writing this blog for ages –  who am I to feel it’s ok to put this out there?  Here I admit to selfish motives.  Somehow making this public (even if nobody reads it) makes me more accountable to myself.  I’ve already found that re reading my thoughts in previous days is helping, even if only to remind me to try things or do things.

Through all of the above ramblings I have decide that ‘the wax’ needed in this situation is gratitude.  Reminding myself of all of the great things that I am able to do, see and create. I will define my purpose and gain clarity to move forward.  (one small part of me has just popped up to remind me that I’ve been here countless times before – but then – I’ve never had my accountability blog before!)


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