What’s the point?

Maybe I don’t know where to begin or how to begin but begin I must.  I’m attempting to hold myself to account so that I can review my progress, analyse my moves and ultimately get to where I want to go.  Why am I blogging? Well, it’s because I think I’ll journal daily if it’s public.  Even if no one reads it.  It’s out there….in the universe.

I have a great bank of excuses not to start.  Quite frankly it’s terrifying – even that’s weird.

Why ‘Wax on, Wax off’?  Well I keep doing things, learning, listening, creating – putting the wax on – and the hope is that when I review all that I have done – take the wax off – there it’ll be – my life far closer to my end goal because of what I have done.

Memory is crucial in all this.  Not only for remembering and calling upon all the things I have learnt but also for understanding why I react in certain ways to different situations – not always well – and latterly a confidence crisis and lack of belief in myself has consumed me, most of which can be traced back to my young years.

So there we are.  Me Me Me.  I intend to be true and honest to the facts of each day and although this fills me already with an anxiety that is almost overwhelming, I’m looking at it as therapy; dealing with the demons; fulfilling my potential.

I started with WordPress 14 day ‘Blog? to Blog!’ course.  I went through most of the steps and then returned to Day 1 where it asks the question – ‘Why are you blogging?’  To be honest I’ve been munching on that for the last month.  It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask and yet a whole wall of anxiety crept up on me and nearly convinced me not to bother. ‘What’s the point?’

Japan 1So, here I am.  I’m going to do it anyway as no small animals or people will be harmed by the existence of my documented journey.  If I change my mind it’ll disappear!

Wish me luck.  Please.

2 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. I do wish you luck.


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