I forgot! Perhaps I should tie a knot or two!

It was only a matter of time really.  When you load your life so full of everything that there is no space to breathe or for error to be rectified it’s bound to happen.  And it has. Perhaps I should tie a knot or two (or three or four) in my handkerchief like the gentlemen of past eras did.  In that way I might remember everything.

Last night I was meant to adjudicate a show for a local group but for a very good reason (which I’ll explain in a mo) I didn’t go.  Not only did I not go, I didn’t tell them I wasn’t going. Bad on my part. Apologies in advance for the next bit!  Rewind to early hours of Wednesday morning…….Eldest son throwing up constantly.  I am totally feeble with sick.  Wednesday later on, I am sick.  I really don’t cope with sick well – I have a friend who has never been sick in her life even if she needs to be, she always manages to hold it in. Much respect?  Anyway, it’s now Friday and I still don’t feel right and of course I get an email this morning asking me where I was last night.  Well, I was being sick and neglected to tell you I was unable to attend because of this.

The point that I am getting to is simply that I leave very little margin for error in my life. All jobs overlap and I can often be found finishing one job whilst manoeuvring my brain into the next job that really should have been done or at least started previous to that point.  It’s possible that I come over as disorganised, I’m really not.  I have taken a lot on.  Family – 2 children – boys, household, extremely busy work schedule, starting a business, painting, elderly parents (on both sides) and of course starting to blog.  All of the above I attempt to do with great love and it is amazing to have such a busy life but perhaps this small incident provides a timely warning that things need to change slightly.

This forgotten event plays on my mind because I absolutely hate making mistakes and I find it hard to recover from letting people down.  Having said all this, it really wasn’t the end of the world and perhaps if I am to reduce my commitments I need to find a way to focus on those things that will allow me to reduce them.  We all know all this – it is good to write it down as there is more chance that I will actually do something about it.  I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I’m busy apologising for missing the show last night and hoping that I will be forgiven.


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